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At embedded we sell beautiful, handmade, hand-dyed duvet sets and linens. Our designs are inspired by a bohemian, earthy spirit with more than a gentle nod to the wonder of color. We invite you to wander our website to find your perfect bedscape.


A Nod to the 80's Tie Dye Pillowcase Set

$ 80.00 USD


Wait, before you read on Google I Promise by When In Rome to put you back in the 80's when big hair, blue eye shadow, and splattered paint clothing made it into every issue of Glamour, Vogue, and personal favorite Young Miss and then, all of the sudden, just like that you will know what inspired this eye-popping pillowcase set!  Splashes of bright yellow, hot pink, and brilliant blue are the main colors. A hint (and just a hint) of green may also be noticed in areas as a secondary color.  If you are looking for a crazy fun bedding set that just makes you oh-so happy then these are the pillowcases for you!

Set comes with two (2) pillowcases

Sizes Available:

Standard Queen 


Made with 100% super soft cotton

Care instructions: We suggest machine-washing your pillowcase set on cold, and all by its lonesome.  All bedding may be tumble-dried. Lightly press linens or leave alone for a wrinkled, easy, vintage look. 

Embedded is dedicated to reducing the amount of materials thrown away each day. We package our products in biodegradable boxes and paper. Our buttons are made of 60-100% recycled materials so our customers can feel better about their rad, eco-friendly purchase. We also celebrate that our products are made in the USA.

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