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At embedded we sell beautiful, handmade, hand-dyed duvet sets and linens. Our designs are inspired by a bohemian, earthy spirit with more than a gentle nod to the wonder of color. We invite you to wander our website to find your perfect bedscape.


Heartthrob Tie Dye Pillowcase Set

$ 80.00 USD


Picasso was an artist who evoked emotion with colorful pigments.  This extraordinary handmade, hand-dyed design is sure to inspire and inflict deep emotion in whoever receives this impressively romantic gift.  Whether it is meant for a Valentine's Day gift, Anniversary gift, a personal gift to self, or just because you adore the universal symbol of love- whatever your reason for falling for this set is perfectly understandable!

Set comes with two (2) pillowcases

Sizes Available:

Standard Queen 


Made with 100% super soft cotton

Care instructions: We suggest machine-washing your pillowcase set on cold, and all by its lonesome.  All bedding may be tumble-dried. Lightly press linens or leave alone for a wrinkled, easy, vintage look. 

Embedded is dedicated to reducing the amount of materials thrown away each day. We package our products in biodegradable boxes and paper. Our buttons are made of 60-100% recycled materials so our customers can feel better about their rad, eco-friendly purchase. We also celebrate that our products are made in the USA.

*Free shipping on all orders in the USA

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