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Grey & White Duvet Set *FREE SHIPPING

$ 280.00 USD


This handmade, hand-dyed duvet set is part of our 2018 boheme luxe collection. This dark grey has a hint of green and a touch of purple hue that cuts along the crisp, white canvas. Matching pillowcases finish this adventurous, bohemian-inspired bed set.

Our duvets are purposefully oversized. Each set includes one duvet cover and two pillowcases. The large set fits lusciously over a full, generously over a queen, and conventionally over a king size bed. (Requires a king insert.) The twin/xl twin fits over a regular or extra long twin insert.

Due to the sometimes-rebellious nature of dyes, color and slight variations in patterns may be expected. No two can ever be the same which makes each a one-of-a-kind product.

Care instructions: We suggest machine-washing your duvet set on cold, and all by its lonesome. Hand-dyed pillowcases should be washed alone, also on cold, for the first washing. All bedding may be tumble-dried. Lightly press linens or leave alone for a wrinkled, easy, vintage look.

Oh, and we do have to say that our duvets are so much more beautiful and soft, so to merely attempt to capture that in a snapshot is impossible. But don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews!

Embedded is dedicated to reducing the amount of materials thrown away each day. We package our products in biodegradable brown paper instead of plastic, and crumble up used magazine pages as packing material for our shipping boxes. Our buttons are made of 60-100% recycled materials so our customers can feel better about their rad, eco-friendly purchase. We also celebrate that our products are made in the USA.

So what do you say? Let us make your bed! It's our favorite thing to do!

(White pin tuck pillow cases sold separately.)

*Free shipping on all orders in the USA.

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