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At embedded we sell beautiful, handmade, hand-dyed duvet sets and linens. Our designs are inspired by a bohemian, earthy spirit with more than a gentle nod to the wonder of color. We invite you to wander our website to find your perfect bedscape.

What You Should Know About Our Duvet Sets

Written by Stephanie Hanchett


Posted on April 14 2021

At embedded we understand that the process of shopping for bedding can be batches of frustrating, especially for those looking for something hip and fresh. It’s difficult to find youthful and unique bedding that’s also crazy cozy. 

Back in 2014 when I was out searching for the perfect materials to start this company, I was looking around the bedding section at Dillards.  A mother and her college age daughter were in the same area near me and I overheard the daughter tell her mother how everything they had seen that day was all the same- old fashioned, not soft enough, and un-fun!  I wish I had been ready to hand them a card or give them my website address but I just wasn't prepared yet. 

Today I can say that our products offer a solution to anyone who has had this same dilemma.  Embedded is where color and comfort collide. Our construction of creative design is handmade and one-of-a-kind. We are dedicated to using the softest, 100% cotton so not only will our darling customers be sleeping beneath perfectly imperfect art, they will also be charmed by comfort as they drift into dream.  Also, these duvet sets are super FUN!

When you purchase a duvet set from us you should also know that we care about you and the beautifully diverse world that we live in.  Have you ever opened a package and discovered that the product inside had a strong chemical smell?  So you wash it hoping the odor will come out but it doesn't?  (((((SO HAVE I!!!)))))  And it scared me to death.  We want you to know that our main material, which is our 100% cotton is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that the textile has no chemical substances that are believed to be harmful to human health such as heavy metals, carcinogenic dye stuffs, pesticides, or formaldehyde.

It's all in the details...

Our buttons are made of 60-100% recycled materials so our customers can feel better about their rad, eco-friendly purchase.  Your duvet cover's buttons will have been made of one of two sources, depending on which ones we have accessible at the time of making yours.  Those two materials are wood and coconut.  We also take extra time when hand-sewing the buttons on, adding twice the amount of stitches compared to the mass-produced products you will find from most bedding companies and department stores. 

Going along with that is the type of thread we use to construct the duvet sets.  We use top quality Gutermann thread.  PS- This really DOES matter.  You might be able to find cheaper duvet sets but you will find yourself buying another one before you wanted to because it just will not live as long and definitely will not be as soft and cozy.

Embedded is dedicated to reducing the amount of materials thrown away each day. We package our products in biodegradable materials whenever possible. Our boxes are beautiful so we hope you will continue to use them after to store and organize other items in your home. We also celebrate that our products are made in the USA.  

Buying one of our duvet sets means that no one on this planet will ever have the exact same one!  Because we hand dye each one individually, your duvet set will have its own identity and truly will be a one-of-a kind.  That being said, please don't worry that your bedding will not look like the pictures.  We are very confident that we can deliver consistent product that you will be very happy with. 

So, what do you say?  Let us make your bed!  It's our favorite thing to do! 



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